The Mervis Diamond Difference

All Mervis diamond studs are hand selected by Zed before being made in to 100% custom studs for you. All of our diamonds are perfectly matched for size, color and clarity, whereas many other providers simple couple any two diamonds that appear close in size together. Not us. Mervis Diamond studs are virtual clones of each other.

One Carat Diamond Earrings

With diamond studs, the goal is to maximize the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds. Therefore, we focus the attention (and the budget) towards the diamond size and sparkle. Sparkle is a function of the diamond's "Cut". Our studs are hand selected by Zed Mervis specifically for this purpose.

Why are Mervis studs so spectacular?  All of our studs are expertly mounted in 18 karat white gold. This helps the diamonds appear even whiter. The posts are double notched for added security. The high quality backs lock on by friction – the best method known to woman.

When selecting your first pair of studs, a good size to start out with is 1 carat diamond earrings.  These can be 1 carat total weight, or one carat in each ear.  One carat diamond earrings are a beautiful size because you get lots of bling at a reasonable price.  The best part about starting out with 1 carat diamonds is all Mervis studs are eligible for our 100% lifetime trade up policy.  

When searching for diamond studs, note that the carat weight listed is total carat weight, not weight per earring.  So if you are looking at 1 carat diamond earrings, you are looking at half carat for each ear.  If you are interested in one carat diamond earrings for EACH ear, you will need to begin your search at 2 carat diamond earrings.  

Ready to come look at one carat diamond earrings? Make an appointment below or begin your search online!