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“Tennis Bracelet”? What does that mean?

This term arose after Chris Evert, women’s tennis champion, lost a diamond bracelet during a match in the 1987 US Open. Evert asked officials to postpone her match until the bracelet had been found–all while viewers watched her televised search for the expensive bracelet.  The accident apparently sparked the desire for new diamond bracelets in many viewers, causing a craze for what became affectionately known as “the tennis bracelet.”

Evert was certainly not the first to wear, or inspire others to wear, a flexible band of diamonds and gold around the wrist. In the 1920s, men and women were often found wearing lightweight “eternity bracelets,” which would look to us today like the tennis bracelet.

A diamond tennis bracelet is usually thin and simple, making it sleek and elegant, never gaudy. This bracelet is often made from platinum or 18-carat gold.

When should I give a tennis bracelet?
We don’t recommend placing this gift on your loved one right before a sporting match–instead, consider it a classic holiday gift for your girlfriend, fiancee or wife. Anniversaries or birthdays may call for such an elegant gift. Your daughter, sister or mother may also appreciate a bit of luxury with the gift of a tennis bracelet.

Looking for the Perfect Tennis Bracelet? 

Sarah Fraser Tennis Bracelet

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What are the typical prices for a tennis bracelet?
For a simple tennis bracelet, prices start around $3,000. And as the diamond size increases, we do incredible tennis bracelets for $25,000.

For an especially memorable holiday or another momentous occasion, give the Diamond Tennis Necklace, a graceful 18 karat white gold necklace with 10.47 diamond carats. This timeless piece is at the higher end of the price range–usually $23,000.

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