A Tacori ring for any kind of wedding

I'm sure some of you have already read about it, but spontaneous and adventurous couple Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling of Yorkshire, England recently made international headlines when they decided to embark on the most romantic and extravagant odyssey ever: to hold as many wedding ceremonies in as many different countries as possible. The two have professed their love to each other during 22 different weddings in 13 countries so far, and plan on reaching 50 weddings by 2014. Besides making the rest of us absolutely green with envy (imagine being treated like a princess 50 times by various cultures!), it also makes us curious: what does the recurring bride wear on her finger during each ceremony? Is it different each time? Does she wear Tacori or Verragio? Each wedding is beautiful in its own way, just like each Tacori ring is unique, gorgeously-detailed, and sure to match the tone of any event perfectly. Here are a couple of our favorite pairings, whether you're having one ceremony or 50: The twilight beach wedding: Imagine being on the South American coast, breathing in the warm, seaside breeze as your loved one tenderly holds your arm and whispers sweet vows of eternity together. The soft light of nearby beach fires and glowing torches cause both your eyes and your Tacori diamond wedding band to sparkle like earthbound stars in the night.
Tacori 2576 B Wedding Band
The Tacori 2576 B Wedding Band is a beautiful choice for this romantic rendezvous on the sand, combining the subtle intricacy of a diamond-encrusted band with a large diamond centerpiece capable of making a bold statement regardless of the occasion. With this Tacori ring matching the glow of the flames, the stars, and the moon, you'll be the most brilliant twilight bride ever. The Far East cherry blossom wedding: A quiet wedding ceremony in Japan has you surrounded by elegant bonsai trees and vibrant, lush cherry blossom trees in full bloom. You and the person you're about to spend the rest of your life with step gracefully among the gently falling cherry blossom petals and playful rays of sunlight that illuminate the gorgeous procession. Glittering on your hand is a breath-taking diamond-laced Tacori wedding ring.
Tacori 2550 Wedding Band
The Tacori 2550 Wedding Band is the perfect match for your ceremony abroad. The shimmering platinum band is enhanced by 15 channel-set round diamonds that will delicately and tastefully complement your heavenly surroundings as you proceed forward as a radiant cherry blossom-veiled bride. While most of us can only dream about a voyage as amazing as Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling's, it doesn't mean our weddings can't be as wonderful or spectacular. In fact, instead of hectically scrambling from ceremony to ceremony, you have the amazing opportunity of planning a single event that can be as quaint or as grand and colorful as you like. And when you finally decide on that perfect wedding, you can comfortably find that one perfect wedding ring to match in a stress-free environment. You can even make an appointment ahead of time, to ensure everything seamlessly fits into your dreamland scenario. In the meantime, we only wish the best for the happy couple on their incredible, country-hopping journey!