4 Summer Must Haves: Tacori Fashion Jewelry

Get those white shorts out, and fashion jewelry, because summer has officially arrived! With all of your scheduled trips to the beach and the pool, it’s necessary that you have all of the summer jewelry essentials. We have chosen a few of our favorite Tacori fashion jewelry pieces that will get you ready for the ultimate summer look!
  1. Barbados Blue Earrings
These gorgeous Barbados blue earrings are a great fashion piece! They are encased in circlets of .925 silver with a few touches of 18k gold. These earrings are layered over Neolite Turquoise, making you feel like you are in those blue Barbados waters. Barbados Blue Earrings
  1. Color Medley Necklace
This necklace can be worn either long or layered, allowing for you to style it to your liking. Different shaped and sized gemstones give the necklace an elegant and sophisticated look during all hours of the day. Color Medley Necklace
  1. Golden Sky Ring
Although wearing a ring to the beach can be a bit risky, you can never go wrong with this one. Beautiful diamond petals surround the ring which gives this Lemon Quartz ring a confident and gorgeous look- perfect for all summer outings! Golden Sky Ring
  1. London Eye Royal Bracelet
This timeless deep blue topaz bracelet goes along with any summer attire. The unique eternity crescents on the profile of the bangle are what makes this bracelet one of a kind. Tacori London Eye Royal Bracelet