Amazing Proposals

With all the technology out there, it is no surprise hundreds of proposals are going viral on sites like YouTube and Reddit. Some of them just bring tears to your eyes how sweet and romantic they are! Although proposals don't have to be overly grand gestures, the effort put in to these shows just how beyond smitten these guys are.

Check out some of the best (and most creative ones!) here:

5. Glass Slipper Proposal:

After Stephanie and Richard's 7th anniversary dinner, he took her on a carriage ride through Louisville.

“The last seven years have been like a fairy tale. So what would a carriage ride be without a glass slipper? ...Will you keep writing the fairy tale with me? Will you marry me?”


4. 7 Dog Proposal:

Jennifer and Christopher: Jennifer's sister asked if she could take her to a wedding event at Audubon Park in New Orleans, where Christopher was waiting with ALL SEVEN of their dogs, wearing bandanas that said "Will You Marry Me!"


3. Movie Theater Marriage Proposal:

Todd wanted an ultra romantic and crazy way to propose to former Miss New York, Elisabeth. She probably never saw THAT movie night coming!

2. Lights on the side of the Building Proposal:

How he managed to get all those lights to do that is still beyond me. So sweet.

1. Bruno Mars (Marry You) Flash Mob:

The video pretty much says it all.