Congratulations Drew & Jess!

Drew Murray

Mervis Diamonds would like to congratulate this beautiful couple, Drew and Jess! We love hearing about how our clients proposed to their special someone, and this is one story that had to be shared. How They Met Drew and Jess actually met a few years ago through a mutual friend. After college graduation, Jess decided to move to Arlington, Virginia to work as a Child Life Specialist at Georgetown Hospital. Being new to the DC area, Jess’ close family friend mentioned that she should get in touch with his fraternity brother, Drew. Drew Murray As the months went along, Jess and Drew would hang out in large social settings, but never often. It wasn't until they both were out of their long-term relationships that they began to hang out more as friends. They had some of the best times together, that eventually it just clicked- they knew that they were happiest whenever they were with each other. The Proposal Drew knew that he wanted to propose to Jess for a while, but when he was invited to go to Paris with Jess and her family, he knew that this was the spot. It was hard for him to not go and buy the engagement ring before the trip, but once he visited Mervis, he knew that a Verragio ring was the perfect ring for Jess. Drew Murray 6During their visit to Paris, they had taken a tour of the city, where their guide drove past the Jardin du Luxenbourg. This park is known for its beauty and as a local attraction for Parisians. Although this was not Drew’s planned proposal spot, Jess was very eager to go back and explore the garden. Drew decided to pack the engagement ring in his camera bag, just in case the moment presented itself. Once they entered the garden, they were both mesmerized by all of the beauty. Drew found a bench where both of them could take it all in. It was at this moment where Drew decided to get down on one knee and ask Jess to marry him! The Wedding Drew and Jess plan to wed in October 2015. The wedding ceremony will be held in L’Auberge Del Mar in San Diego, overlooking the Pacific Ocean during sun set.

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