Engagement Ring Choices a Little Overwhelming? Check Out Three Easy Options Here!

There are many choices available to you when it comes to selecting an engagement ring. Understandably, these choices can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Rings come in a variety of designs, bands, cuts, prices, stones and sizes. To help you out, here is our three point guide to several popular options. 1. Tacori Rings If you want platinum bands and diamonds, Tacori engagement rings might be the right option for you. Although most people prefer diamond rings for the brilliance and durability, why platinum for bands? Unlike options such as white gold, platinum tends to need less refurbishing and offers a more secure hold for the diamond itself. Tacori pieces are handcrafted in California, and generally feature pave set diamond bands. Customization is also an option, for people who have something specific in mind. Tacori is an amazing option for someone who wants a unique ring, designed to his or her exact specifications. 2. Ritani Engagement Rings Looking for a designer that specializes in halo rings? Then Ritani could be your first choice. Of course, this jewelry crafter also offers solitaire, three stone, classic and masterwork stone settings as well. The halo engagement ring is a popular modern choice in which a ring of smaller stones frame the middle, larger stone. The advantage of this style is that it showcases the brilliance of the inner stone and can contribute to a greater "wow" factor. 3. Options for Men Remember, there are two people involved in every engagement! There are actually many choices available for men's wedding rings, and it is not just simple gold bands anymore. Again, platinum is a good choice for the band, especially when durability is an important factor. Did you know that diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular addition to men's wedding rings? Unlike rings designed for women, these diamonds tend to be smaller and accentuate the ring, rather than dominating the design.