My Mervis Moment: David & Katie

engagement storyAt Mervis, we love love! Today on the blog, we chat with David about his engagement story, the engagement ring he chose, and more! Tell us your love story. How did the two of you meet? Katie and I met about eight years ago. At the time I had quit my job and was touring full time with my band. Neither one of us was in a place to date at the time but we stayed friends on and off for the next four years. At that point I had just gotten off the road and was looking to go for a Masters and Katie was finishing up her degree in Fredericksburg. For once, the situation was right and we were in the same place. How did you pop the questions? Well, we dated for four years (or so, there was no real start date) and always joked that we were too independent to ever get married. We are complete opposites in every way possible. But even though two people could not be more different, we always were comfortable with each other and found things to do, or not do. After about three years, Katie started dropping hints that she was ready to move forward with the relationship. I kept blowing off her hints by saying I was too busy to even think about it. Then, we did the next logical step and decided to buy/build a house together. The night before we signed the contract to build the house, Katie said, "David, we really need to talk about if we are going to get married. Are we just going to be homeowner roommates forever and that is it?" So of course, I said I was going to bed and "couldn't think about this right now." I knew she was upset, but I also knew that I was going to propose the very next day! The next day comes and we go to sign the contract. I told Katie that my sister, a professional photographer, wanted to come and take pictures of us at the lot where our front door will be and to dress nice. We take a picture putting the sold sign on the house lot sign and then my sister and I walk down to where the door will be. She gets set up far away enough for me to propose in peace but still close enough to take the picture. A few minutes go by and Katie still hasn't come down. It turns out she was cold and forgot we were supposed to be taking another picture. Finally, she comes down to see what we are doing and we remind her we were going to take a picture. She comes over and I hug her and take the ring box out of my pocket. Right at that moment Katie says, “Stacy is waiting to take the picture.” So with the ring box now pressed behind her back, I pose for what seems like a million pictures, all while laughing in my head that she has no idea that there is an engagement ring right behind her waiting for these pictures, which weren’t even really the intent, to be over. Finally, I pull her in and hug her. “Well we made one really big choice today.” “Yeah I know it’s crazy.” “Maybe we should make another.” (I get on one knee) “Katie will you marry me?” (Katie looks at my sister) “He is actually doing it? Shut up ... Shut up” “Does that mean yes?” “Yes! Man last night must have been really annoying for you!” Tell us about the ring! I majored in Geology and used to want to be a mineralogist. I am sure Maria (Mervis Senior Diamond Consultant) was very annoyed of me by the end. I must have looked at 2000 diamonds between Mervis in-store and online stock, as well as other retailers. I was looking down to the cut proportion and angle details! I knew I wanted Tacori and I knew Katie would love the Dantela series. Easy, Stress-Free Ring Shopping Whether you’re beginner geologist like David, or know nothing about diamonds, getting help from a personal jeweler can alleviate any ring-related, pre-proposal stress! Come in today and experience the Mervis difference. Book An Appointment> I also knew I wanted to go through Mervis and I ended up with a Mervis in house stone that was 1.52 carats, set on a Tacori Dantela Pave setting with no halo. I decided to go down in color but make sure there were no top-visible inclusions. I went over my budget but I, and more importantly she, loves it. What aspect of wedding planning are you looking forward to the most? Katie is absolutely looking the most forward to all the decoration and detail aspects. Since I am color blind, I am happy she is interested in that, because I would be the worst! I am looking forward to all the other aspects, food, guest list, logistics. I just love planning things ... well and so does Katie ... I guess we found something to agree about! engagement story mervis moment

A beautiful diamond ring AND a new home! What better way to kick off a lifetime of love. Congrats, David and Katie!