Real Proposal Story with Dolphins

Nothing makes us happier than when clients come back to us after the proposal and let us know how it went. Here's a great letter we just received (copied with permission).


Hi Gail,

Hope all is well with you, I just wanted to share that I'm now engaged to my girlfriend of 5 years, Narisa! I did this on February 25th, I know I told you I was aiming for a Spring proposal, but I just couldn't wait! Anyways, I chose to propose to her at the site of our first date, which was at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I spoke to the staff a couple weeks before about the different ideas I had for the proposal and we decided it would be a great surprise during one of their Immersion Programs. It was an interactive behind-the-scenes tour about the dolphins, where she could play with them and talk to the trainers one-on-one about their dolphin program. It seemed like an awesome idea and agreed to it.

The morning of, I was extremely nervous and hoped that everything would turn out right. As we arrived, everything happened as it should and we went through the motions of the program. I even spied an asterisk next to my name on the host's clipboard, so I felt reassured that everything was still going as planned. When the time came for Narisa to start playing with the dolphins, I knew we were close . We were split into different groups, with each couple grouped with a trainer and a dolphin. She had a chance to play catch and was able touch and learn about the dolphin we were assigned to. At the end of the program, one of the trainers on the other side of the pool gave the dolphin a buoy to bring over to our side. I knew it was at this point I had to prepare for it. The trainer we were with told Narisa to grab the buoy and read it. On that buoy had the words "Narisa, will you marry me?" She turned around slowly as I got on my knee and I said, "Gotcha, will you marry me?" She had tears in her eyes and was visibly shocked! She said yes and at that time everyone clapped, even the dolphins!

Overall, this all couldn't have happened without your help! I wanted to thank you for helping me select the ring and being very accommodating with my requests. You were always understanding and patient with my questions. She loves the unique ring and it's gotten so many compliments from people. I couldn't have asked for a better ring from the best people! Thanks Gail, and thank you Mervis! :)

I have attached a picture collage of the pictures the photographer on scene took and of the ring!