Wedding Ring Found in Christmas Tree Lot in Maryland

We heard tonight about Shirley Grande, who was volunteering at a Christmas tree fundraiser in Maryland when she found a diamond ring on the ground. Shirley wants to return the ring to its rightful owner and we want to help her do just that. If you know anyone who could have lost a ring near 8101 Veterans Highway in Millersville, MD, please contact us. We're so impressed by Shirley's act of kindness and truly representing what the Holiday spirit is all about. As a gesture of appreciation we'd like to award her a gold ring of her own. Wedding rings are incredibly sentimental and Shirley recognized that the value of the ring to the owner far exceeds the metal and diamonds alone. It's full of memories and symbolic of the never-ending devotion between two people. Shirley explained how she found the ring: "I was raking this pile over here, which is where we throw all our debris from the trees and we have a rake and I was raking it and something just started to shine."