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We're a Proud Gay-Friendly Jeweler

At Mervis, we support marriage equality and fabulous diamonds for everyone! We would love to create the perfect rings for your marriage - be in straight, gay, or anything in between.

Back in 2010, Mervis was one of the first to preview a line of same sex wedding bands for the community. Since then, gay wedding bands and gay engagement rings have been one of the hottest trends to emerge with same-sex marriage now legal in all states!!

Celebrating 7 Years of Legalized Same-Sex Marriage in DC!

From simple to decorated, we have hundreds of wedding ring options for you to try on.. and find the perfect one!

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A HUGE congratulations to our clients Sharon and Alyson, married in Washington, D.C.!

Tag us @mervisdiamonds or send in your photos and we'd love to feature your happy photos!

Gay Wedding Rings

We are in the business of creating a lifetime of memories together, no matter what your preference is, which is why we are the number one choice for engagement rings in DC. With gay wedding bands, you can expect both traditional and unconventional trends to emerge. Couples wanting the basic solid gold or platinum wedding band can have that, but the couple who wants something more extravagant can also have that too. Wearing a wedding band is a timeless, iconic and powerful symbol that means a lot to members of the gay community. Gay men and women have fought for years to gain the right to do this legally, so showing their commitment to the public is an amazing first step. Couples of both genders are also looking towards spouting their love with matching (or just a pair of!) engagement rings.

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Mervis proudly supports love and everyone's right to marry!

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