JB Star Engagement Rings and JB Star Wedding Rings

jb star engagement ring

JB Star was voted "Best in Diamonds" in 2006 by the nation's top retailers in a survey done by Jewelers Quarterly magazine, one of the industry's most prestigious trade magazines. This honor symbolizes the leadership in the high-end diamond industry. Their facilities are in New York city home to the finest artisans in the jewelry industry. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted, inspected and analyzed by hand. Using the latest finishing technology including lasers, no piece ever leaves the shop unless even the tiniest details are examined. This ensures the highest standard of quality, never compromised.

The JB Star "signature" is well known. Using only platinum and 18-karat gold, their jewelry is stunning. The quality of the stones and the care given to the craftsmanship, which is always done by hand, shows in every JB Star creation. They are true statement pieces. The diamonds are always G, VS. or better, rubiesare from Myanmar (Burma), emeralds from Zambia, and sapphires from Ceylon.

The stone-cutting for JB Star is still done in Israel, by family-owned sight holder, Paz, and distributed by JB Star Diamonds. Once rough diamonds are obtained, every other stage of making and selling the jewelry is a family affair. Rafael describes his company, which designs and manufactures all in the same ninth-floor facility on Fifth Avenue in New York City, as "a true business that completes the circle."

Rafael's designs are part of the company's formula for success. In his own words, "High price cannot be trapped into short-term fashion," Consequently, his designs over the years have evolved gently and subtly, retaining distinction "without ever being passé,” Rafael explains, "I like to stay ahead of the curve but not go too far forward." In this way, the designs remain fresh, yet enduring and timeless—the very definition of what is often called "heirloom jewelry."

JB Star engagement rings and JB Star wedding rings are true statement pieces. They make your mouth open wide and say WOW because they're big, they're bold, and they're impressive. JB Star engagement ring prices aren't cheap, but they are worth every penny. JB Star wedding ring prices aren't cheap either, but for a wedding, it's worth it.

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