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Lab Reports

We strongly believe that understanding lab reports are vital to making a wise diamond purchase. But too many vendors sell diamonds by touting their grades only. This is misleading, because reports do not come close to showing the whole picture of a diamond.

A lab report is a diamond’s report card. It is a handy tool to identify a diamond’s qualities. But on its own, without understanding all the terms, and not being able to evaluate all the percentages, it is not that helpful for making a buying decision. It may even lead you down the wrong path. Just because a diamond has a certificate, doesn’t make it a great diamond any more than a person is considered healthy just because he/she has a medical report . What counts is what it means. In other words, a dazzling certificate doesn’t always mean a dazzling diamond. A stone might look very good on paper but disappoint in person. Of course, every Mervis diamond is certified. But we never use a lab report alone to sell a diamond. We sit down with you and show you the diamonds, up close and personal. The report is only there to help describe the stones you’re seeing.

When it comes to lab reports, there are two major labs that certify our diamonds: GIA and IGI. Diamond grading is an art, not a science. So results may vary even within the same organization.