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Wedding Ring Guide

You’ll be wearing your wedding bands for the rest of your lives. Carefully choose the perfect ones, taking into account your budget, lifestyle, personalities, and any time constraints. To help you get started, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Matching Your Engagement Ring

Prong Set Bands

Diamonds on the band are held up by shared prongs. Prong settings use less metal and show off more diamond.

Channel Set Bands

Diamonds are held in place between a metal channel. Channel set diamonds are typically more secure.

Designer Match

Most designers will readily have an exact match to your engagement ring. We can easily find this for you.

Eternity Bands

An eternity band is one that has diamonds, either prong or channel set, that go all the way around.

Endless Options

There are no set rules except that you should follow your heart.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Classic, comfortable, traditional.


Any style ring you see on our site (both mens and womens) can be made in any metal. Platinum is the most sought after metal material. It is a white precious metal that is heavier than gold and will never change color. Other popular options include gold– white, rose, and yellow– and palladium.Today we also carry alternative metals like Titanium and Tantalum.


Generally, rings will either be highly polished or matte. Examples of matte finishes are brushed, glass blasted, or sand blasted. For the more fashion-forward man, there are also more elaborate designs to choose from.

Coming In For Sizing Is A Must

Most common size for men: 10
Most common size for women: 6 ½

Will you be wearing your wedding band with your engagement ring? Will it have diamonds too? Stacking certain sizes, shapes, and settings of rings can put your diamonds at risk of scratching each other. Our experts will help you choose from a wide selection of styles that are compatible with your ring and teach you how to care for them.

Will Our Wedding Rings Be Ready In Time?

The earlier you get your rings, the better. Some say 3 months before the wedding – why not shoot for 6 months and enjoy stress-free shopping and more time for adjustments. Our designers will ask for 5-6 weeks for custom sized rings. While it will probably fit after the first try, they’ll need another 4 weeks for further adjustments. Remember to take into account if you’re going out of town.

Mervis Experience

Visit any of our stores and spend time with our diamond consultants. They’ll sit down with you in a private room, get to know your style and personality, show you a wide range of options, help you stay within budget, and make sure you have a wonderful experience with us. If you have any questions or want to schedule a time to come visit, just give us a call at (800) 437-5683 or click below.