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What to Expect

Pleased to Meet You

Welcome to a different place. You’re not in a jewelry store — you are at Mervis. You’ll see more fabulous diamonds than you can imagine. Try to breathe when you examine our enormous collection of gorgeous designer rings. Mervis offers all the leading American designers including Tacori, Verragio and many others.
Enjoy a shopping experience unlike any other. Meet our experts who will help you find exactly what you need — and know exactly what you are going through. We’ll make the process easy and pleasurable too. Diamonds are formed by pressure. At Mervis, they are never sold that way.

The Process

At Mervis, we believe in full transparency. So we show you the loose diamonds and the ring settings separately.This allows you to examine each fully, and create any package you desire. We start by showing a huge selection of diamonds. You’ll see all shapes, sizes, colors and clarities. To avoid any confusion, we’ll explain all the differences and lead you to make your own informed decision. We believe diamond education is important, and we strive to share our knowledge.

Then, finding the perfect ring is our mutual goal – so choose from the largest selection of designer ring settings in town. Relax, we’ll marry your beautiful setting with a breath-taking diamond to complete the ring.

The Diamond

First, let’s select your diamond. Every quality diamond we offer will last a lifetime, and more. Each diamond has passed the toughest test in the business, an approval by Zed Mervis, an acknowledged diamond industry expert.

Having Zed on your side means you get the finest diamonds possible. Less than 2% of the world’s diamonds make the cut. Explore our phenomenal gems up-close in our private diamond showrooms. It’s an experience only available at Mervis Diamond Importers.

The Engagement Ring

Every Mervis diamond has the quality and stunning beauty to thrill for a lifetime. With hundreds of loose diamonds to choose from, you’ll find just the right size, shape and quality cut to fit the ring (as well as your budget) perfectly. All our larger diamonds are accompanied by independent grading reports from the world’s major diamond grading laboratories, mainly GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Diamond Quality

Although diamond certificates are helpful guides to the 4 C’s, just know they should not be the only measure of your diamond. The most important factor is how the diamond looks, something we refer to as visual beauty. Zed Mervis personally examines every diamond to make sure it is gorgeous — no wonder he rejects 98 of 100.
Each of our diamonds is responsibly sourced, conflict-free and structurally sound. It’s a thing of beauty in more ways than one. This is her lifelong companion — and she deserves the best.

Diamond Show Rooms

At Mervis, we’ll show you our diamonds in private. There is no standing around in open spaces with others staring at you.

Seated in comfort, in a private well appointed room with just your diamond consultant and a staggering array of our diamonds, you’ll learn what makes a diamond sparkle…and how to make an intelligent choice.

With proper lighting, and an expert to guide you, you’ll quickly learn how to appreciate the differences, make comparisons and form your own opinions.

Diamond Guarantee

Our diamonds are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. There are no chips or fractures that will compromise the life of the diamond. No hazy diamonds, either. Only visually beautiful, quality diamonds that will sparkle forever.

Every diamond you buy from Mervis comes with our exclusive 100% Diamond Trade-up Guarantee.

The Ring

Then, meet your ring by browsing our extensive collections featuring the hottest designer names and style trends.

We encourage you to try on as many rings as you like, feel their weight and admire the beauty first hand. We’ll show you how Mervis quality standards set our rings apart from the rest.

Select The Ring

So many styles, so many choices. How do you narrow it all down?

Contemporary, Classic or Vintage? Each woman has a style all her own. Take note of what she likes, and how she dresses. Listen to her opinions. With over a thousand engagement rings to choose from, including styles by top designers, you’ll be sure to find the ring that’s unique. Then, our design specialists will show you all of the ring options, so you can select the perfect match for her style – and your budget.

Try it On

Love the ring on your screen? Just wait till you see how it sparkles in person. You can’t try an engagement ring on through a web browser. Only in store can you hold the ring in your hand, feel its weight and appreciate the intricate detailing and beauty.

So, come on in. Talk to our specialists. Enjoy a coffee. Bring a friend, her sister, or even her. It’s fun to share in this moment — or feel free to completely surprise her. Look forward to the scream when she says yes.

Quality Matters

We believe in quality. Our rings are made with solid foundations in platinum or gold for lasting strength, and all of our side diamonds are hand-selected to match for ultimate brilliance.

Each ring is highly polished for a mirror-like finish and will wear well over time. We guarantee our rings to be free from porosity and rough casting spots.


It’s Mervis for Service.
At Mervis, happily-ever-after means service and support. Our GIA trained experts make sure your experience is the best ever, not only on the day you make your purchase but for years to come.

Your ring also benefits from the best support and care. We make sure it stays as beautiful as it was the day you got engaged. With our legendary 100% diamond trade-up guarantee and unparalleled after-sales service including free lifetime cleaning, you can’t beat Mervis. Our vow is to take care of your beautiful ring for life. From the best shopping experience to the highest quality support and care, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Let us help you choose wisely.
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