When looking for a 2 carat engagement ring, it's important to break down the ring into two parts: 1) the ring 2) the diamond.

Here at Mervis Diamond we allow you to choose any of our hundreds of engagement rings and then any of our 2 carat diamonds and we'll set the two together for you. This gives you the most flexibility.

We invite you to look around our site and then give us a call at 703-448-9000 so our diamond experts can share their knowledge with you. Or else you can write us a note here.

2 Carat Engagement Ring Styles

There are many styles you can consider. Many people enjoy the princess cut 2 carat engagement ring, which is pictured below in a halo setting. 


2 carat princess cut engagement ring

Another popular style is the three stone ring, pictured below. This ring style looks beautiful with a 2 carat engagement ring because of the significance of the center diamond. The name three stone refers to the fact that there are 2 complementary diamonds on either side of the main stone.

2 carat engagement ring