Frequently Asked Questions

About Lab Grown Diamonds:

Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds. The big difference is that mined diamonds are created by nature. Lab grown diamonds are created by technology in a lab. Natural mined diamonds may have taken a billion years to form. Lab grown diamonds are created in a just a few weeks.

Pricing and Discounts:

Our prices are already substantially reduced below retail price. However, if you can find Mervis quality elsewhere for significantly less, let us know. We'll attempt to meet it. We aim to please.

Not necessarily. We are a direct importer and we are competitive when comparing equally. Online sites can be very misleading. There are many things that affect the price of the diamond and without seeing the diamond it’s impossible to make a rational decision. Many of the factors which play a critical role in determining beauty such as measurements, position of inclusions, and fluorescence are invisible online and are not apparent from the certificate.

There are many variables and “better” is only perception until you can view the actual diamond. Color and clarity grades fall within fairly broad ranges. No differentiation is made as to which end of the range is applicable in each situation and you could easily get confused. At Mervis we carry a broad range. With over 50, 000 diamonds available, we have the perfect one for you.s.

The industry rule of thumb is two months salary. However, we recommend that you stay within your financial comfort level. Mervis easy financing lets you get the diamond ring now and pay later. And remember, you can always trade up at another time.

Certifications and Conflict-Free Diamonds:

Virtually all of our larger natural mined diamonds are certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America); IGI (International Gem Institute); or AGS (American Gemological Society).

Our lab grown center stone diamonds are certified by GIA or IGI.

All labs attempt to give an accurate opinion of a diamond. However, opinions are subjective and standards do vary. Diamond grading is an art, not a science. So results may vary from lab to lab, and even within the same lab.

Mervis is not responsible for opinions of any lab.

Yes. All our diamonds are in strict compliance with the Kimberly Process, which regulates the importation of diamonds into the US.

Diamond Characteristics:

Fluorescence is an additional identifying feature for a diamond. It is almost never noticeable even if it’s “strong”. Fluorescence is the visible light some diamonds emit when they are exposed to invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays.

What impact does fluorescence have on the appearance of a diamond? GIA studies show that, for most diamonds, the strength of fluorescence has no widely noticeable effect on appearance. In many instances, observers prefer the appearance of diamonds that have medium to strong fluorescence. In the mid-color diamond range, fluorescence may actually help improve the color appearance.

A diamond that fluoresces has the same integrity as one with no reaction to UV. Nothing in either instance inherently weakens or is bad for the diamond. There is no sound reason for avoiding fluorescence. Yet if the diamond is larger or the price is lower, you benefit.

Cut. This is critical. A beautifully cut and proportioned diamond provides the fire, sparkle and brilliance you deserve. Mervis only offers very fine, well cut diamonds. Poorly cut diamonds - either too deep or too shallow- leak light and appear lifeless. Fortunately, we dont have any of these.

Not unless the diamond is heavily included. We do not carry poor quality which would impact the beauty of the diamond.

Yes, the round diamond is slightly more for two reasons. It is the most requested shape, so the rules of supply and demand are in effect. Also, and more importantly, there is less recovery from the original rough when producing a well-cut round diamond.

Diamonds are priced per carat, and the larger the size the more rare they become. When diamonds hit certain sizes your price per carat can go up exponentially.

Comparisons and Services:

Mervis consistently achieves the highest awards. We were voted Best Place to Buy a Diamond on Readers’ Choice BEST BETS and Best Wedding Rings on W*USA9 A-List Top 100. Mervis has been the premier diamond importer in the Washington DC area for about 40 years, and internationally for about a century. We have built our clientele by providing excellent diamonds with professional and reliable service. Our prices don’t reflect the high mark-up of other stores since we are direct importers. We represent the top designers who manufacture superb, long lasting jewelry. We didn’t earn our reputation lightly. We cherish it and work hard to protect it.

Choose the jewelry you will love forever and we’ll help you take care of the financing. We partner with well known and reputable banks to get you excellent rates. We offer numerous easy plans with fixed payments or deferred payments (zero interest) with short or long term options. The application process takes about 5 minutes in-store.

Our online store and our physical store sometimes have different inventory. Please feel free to call us and check to see if we carry a designer, style number or any other questions pertaining to product.

Yes, gladly. We have access to the finest diamonds worldwide and we can rush an order in just a few days. With designer rings and jewelry, we can special order anything.

Customization and Design:

We can customize almost anything. However, we proudly show such a vast selection, we know you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here.

Unless you are certain of the ring size, we suggest proposing with the ring you’ve chosen just the way it is. (Most rings are sized between 6 and 7.) Bring your fiancée in after you propose and our experienced staff will measure the finger. It usually takes just a couple of days to adjust the ring. Sometimes we may need to send it to the designer. This may require a few weeks.

Yes, we’re happy to help you. When we’re setting a diamond that’s not purchased from us, however, there is a setting charge.

Trade-In and Appraisal:

Mervis has the best trade-up policy around. Our lifetime trade-up program means we will trade your Mervis natural mined center diamond at 100 percent of its original purchase price (after discount) at any time for another natural mined diamond. For diamonds above $20,000, the trade up will be less than 100 percent and it will be determined on an individual basis.

The same trade up policy applies to our natural mined diamond stud earrings and diamond solitaire pendants. This means you can buy according to your budget now then come back at any time when you’re ready for a bigger diamond/s. You can trade up as many times as you would like. Our upgrade policy does not apply to the ring setting, side diamonds, wedding bands and fashion jewelry. The policy is available to the original purchaser only.

The trade up policy does not apply to lab grown diamonds.

Yes. However, we must examine your diamond. Please SET UP AN APPOINTMENT at any of our locations. We may hold your diamond for a few days for inspection.


Absolutely! There is never a charge to do this. All that we require is to see the items in person to inspect the jewelry. We will mail the appraisal to you. Please bring your original appraisal and any other documentation with you.

Warranty and Policies:

One year free for manufacturer defects. We also offer the Mervis Lifetime Warranty at a one time additional fee. The warranty covers damage, accidental loss of the center diamond or side diamonds, sizing, check ups, refurbishments and cleaning free for as long as you own the jewelry. Ask your consultants to tell you more.

We have a 14-day return policy with a minimal charge for refurbishing, if required, or a restocking fee . Custom orders may not be returned.

If you have a special situation that needs to be addressed, we’ll be glad to work with you. We’re eager to establish a long-lasting relationship.

Mervis will give you a professional appraisal with your purchase. This is the only document you’ll need to insure your ring. Just submit the appraisal to your homeowners or renters insurance, telling them you purchased it from Mervis Diamond Importers.

Your appraisal needs to be attached to you homeowner’s policy as a “floater” or a “rider”. We’ll email the appraisal or give you the hard copy so you can be covered before you leave our store with the ring. If you ever lose the ring, the insurance company is obliged to either replace it or pay you its value.

Ring Maintenance and Services:

Most rings can be re-sized. In order to determine the correct finger size, we will need to meet in person and measure the finger. Some rings are done in- store in a few days. Others may go back to the designer in order to keep the warranty intact.

Yes, please visit us as often as you would like. We would be happy to clean it for you.

At any time, and as often as you like, you can have your ring cleaned and checked. Bring it in before your wedding so you can start your life together with a ring that looks brand new.

Certainly. We are happy to send it on your behalf. You are responsible for all shipping charges and repair work.

Order and Appointment Information:

Usually, about 45 minutes. That allows us to educate you about diamonds so you can make an informed decision. We will always give you as much time as you need.

We move fast. Normally, just a few days. Sometimes, custom work or special modifications take longer - up to a few weeks.

Usually a few days, unless it needs to be special ordered, which can take up to 4 weeks.


Not really. The price is right for what we deliver. Precious metals are at an all time high. Excellent quality, which will last trouble free for years, can't be cheap.

Platinum is a naturally white, extremely durable metal that keeps its color over the years. It is the Mervis metal of choice. White gold is yellow gold mixed with alloys to give it a white or silver color. Those alloys tend to be soft and can wear away over time. A white gold ring may slowly return to its basic yellowish color, but it’s very easy to restore it to its original luster by plating it with rhodium, a white alloy. White gold rings usually require periodic upkeep at a very minimal cost. Both metals can be scratched, but it’s much easier to fix platinum than white gold. Platinum will retain its original material instead of microscopically flaking away over time like white gold will.

Yes, We will write you a check or we can help you sell your diamond to get maximum value for it. You can START THE PROCESS HERE.

Mervis operates internationally. Stay in touch via phone number, 800 HER LOVE (437 5683), or by email and we’ll remain in close contact to provide our exemplary service always.

It’s very easy to keep your jewelry clean. All you need is a soft-bristled toothbrush and a half and half solution that contains an ammonia base cleaner (Mr. Clean or Windex works great) and hot water. Let your jewelry soak for a little while to loosen the dirt then carefully brush all over your ring, don’t forget the underside, and run under steaming-hot water. (Be careful not to burn yourself — and remember to put the stopper in the sink so you don’t lose your diamond!) Your diamond will come out looking as brilliant and fiery as the day you got it.

We’re here! Just leave a message through our website or give us a call at 1 (800) HER-LOVE.
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