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What are Laboratory-Grown Diamonds?
Laboratory-Grown Diamonds are man made by simulating natural conditions of extreme heat and pressure or chemical vapor deposition. Both mined and created diamonds are identical in chemical, optical and physical composition.

The growing process utilizes advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated technology to recreate conditions similar to nature’s force exerted over a billion years approximately 100 miles underground.

Our diamonds are created by replicating certain favorable conditions growing crystal carbon. A sliver of an existing Type IIA diamond, otherwise known as a “seed”, is placed in an environment that contains a specific recipe of carbon compounds. The seed is then subjected to a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), wherein the crystals are formed from hot plasma in layers, like semiconductors. What results is a real Created Rough Diamond with all the natural properties of a mined diamond.

The diamond reactors and processes, built and perfected over 60 years of combined research, use a Type IIA ‘diamond seed’ to create real diamonds. This results in a diamond that is exceptionally beautiful and of higher quality.

Depending on the color and size, it can take between 60-120 days to create a diamond in the laboratory.
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