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Lab Grown Diamonds

Mervis has been at the cutting edge of the diamond industry for 3 generations. Today, we’re proud to provide the most perfectly cut lab grown diamonds for discerning clients.

Giving You Choices

It’s our mission at Mervis to share our diamond expertise with you and provide you choices. Lab grown diamonds aren’t suited for everyone. Your relationship is unique and you’ll choose what’s best. We’re here to help you find just the right engagement ring to make it official!

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical makeup as naturally formed diamonds. The big difference is that they weren’t created in nature over a billion years ago. Let us explain everything to you when you come for your appointment.

Conflict Free, Always

Every diamond at Mervis is certified as Conflict Free, whether it’s lab-grown or natural. We’re dedicated to an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

Get a Bigger Diamond

With man made diamonds, you can get a diamond about 30% larger for the same price as a natural diamond.

Let us Help You Compare Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds Side by Side