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About Mervis

Mervis Diamond Importers is a family business run on old fashioned family values.

Brothers Zed and Ronnie Mervis were trained in diamonds by their father Morris Mervis and they continue their legacy in the traditional way — with honesty and integrity. Raised in the diamond center of the world in South Africa, they learned about diamonds at an early age. The brothers have always focused on quality diamonds and great value.

Our History

Almost 100 years have gone by since Morris Mervis opened his first store in Johannesburg, South Africa, providing quality diamonds and honest, friendly service to every customer. Today the company operates worldwide including three stores in the Washington DC area, as well as in Israel and South Africa.

Our Present

With direct access to the world’s finest diamonds, Mervis offers an amazing array of magnificent diamonds. By importing directly, Mervis eliminates the middleman and provides unbeatable prices daily. Our guiding mission is very simple: provide the finest quality diamonds at the lowest price to the most people. Our obsession with this is the driving force behind our continued success.

With the third generation of the Mervis family, Jonathan Mervis, at the helm, and now representing many of the leading jewelry designers, Mervis continues to leave lasting impressions on fingers everywhere.

Voted “Best Place to Buy a Diamond” on, and winner of “Best Wedding Rings” on W*USA A-List Top 100, as well as having received numerous other awards, Mervis consistently ranks as Washington’s first choice for diamonds.

Our Future

Our formula works. So there is virtually nothing to change.

We’re confident future generations will appreciate fine diamonds, excellent value and amazing service in the same way their parents did. Apart from embracing the digital age and social media for effective communication and showcasing, expect more of what made us successful in the first place.

Our People

The quality of our people at Mervis equals the quality of our diamonds and jewelry.We’re very proud of our amazing staff who make wondrous things happen every day.

Just see some of the heart-warming testimonials from our enthusiastic clients praising our fabulous diamond consultants. The overriding theme is he/she was so wonderful to work with, understanding, passionate , no- pressure and so on. Our people specialize in making your dreams come true.

All our sales professionals are trained by the GIA ( Gemological Institute of America ). They really know what they’re talking about. And they have only one interest. You.

We are always looking for passionate and driven individuals to join our growing team. Please contact us at for more info.

Let us help you choose wisely.
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