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Asscher cut diamonds are jewels with layers of facets and a square shape. This unique octagonal shape helps to reveal the untapped clarity in high-quality diamonds. Asscher diamonds also include a high crown and a deep pavilion that offers exceptional brilliance and acts as its signature appears.

The modern-day Asscher cut diamonds are like square emerald-cut diamonds with a high crown, a larger step cut, and a smaller table. These features make these diamonds more brilliant than emerald-cut diamonds.

History Of The Asscher Cut

Joseph Asscher invented this diamond cut in 1902. He also established the I.J Asscher Diamond Company. The Asscher cut was the first patented diamond. Until World War II, only the Asscher family could produce this diamond-cut because of the patent.

Types Of Asscher Cut Diamonds

We have two main Asscher cut diamonds: standard and royal Asscher cuts.

The standard Asscher diamonds have 58 facets, making them art deco style. The Royal Asscher diamonds have 74 facets and a higher crown than the standard cut.

Unique Features of the Asscher Diamond

The Asscher diamonds include straight-edged facets which offer a unique and clean look. This diamond shape is sometimes called “square emeralds.” Its unique features suggest the art deco era.

Asscher cuts have 58 facets, like the brilliant round diamonds, but their arrangement differs, offering a unique vintage appearance that makes them look like “a hall of mirrors.”

Asscher diamonds have a unique defining shape equal in width and length and appear as a square with cropped corners, making it octagon-like. This shape lies between a perfect square, such as a princess cut and a round cut. Because this shape is similar to natural diamond crystals, making Asscher diamonds results in minimal wastage and offers excellent value for money.

Asscher cut diamonds are a darling to most people because of their vintage appeal and clean cut. Its shape and facets permit lots of light to enter the diamond, resulting in excellent brilliance.

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