2013 Engagement Trends: Rose Gold Engagement Rings!

Rose gold is one of the hottest engagement ring trends for 2013. Rose gold engagement rings are an extremely popular choice for many reasons: affordability, unique color, flattering tone and the delicate feminine appeal. Most women love the color pink, and the soft pinkish red tones of rose gold are flattering on any skin tone. Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy and it is also known as pink gold and red gold. Although all three names can mean the same thing, the main difference between red, rose, and pink gold is the copper content – the higher the copper content, the stronger the red coloration. At Mervis, we are able to customize our engagement rings to be any metal. Therefore, if you see an engagement ring or wedding band you love, we can make it in rose gold. Check out our rose gold engagement rings here. If you love the idea of rose gold but don't want an entirely pink ring, many designers use rose gold as an accent. We love seeing some of the feminine additions to gorgeous platinum bands. Mixing metals is a great way to make your ring stand out. The pop of rose or yellow gold on a platinum or white gold band gives the ring an interesting added detail. However, an important fact to be aware of is mixed metals have varying hardnesses so you should be sure to get your ring checked regularly, especially if it is a mix of two metals. Because rose gold is formed by adding slight amounts of other metals to the gold, rose gold is a stronger gold than pure 24k gold so it is best to use rose gold as an accent on a platinum band. Here are some of our FAVORITE rose gold rings for 2013!