Close up of a custom diamond piece.

6 Things to Consider When Creating a Custom Diamond Piece

A custom piece of jewelry unites a passion for artistic design, style, and gemology to create something unique and memorable. There's an undeniable sense of pride knowing the piece you're wearing was made just for you.

Whether you're looking to craft an engagement ring, necklace, or bracelet, the custom jewelry process requires attention to detail and careful decision-making. With several design aspects to consider and incorporate, each piece is a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities. This article explores what you should consider when creating a custom diamond piece.

Creating a custom diamond piece

Diamond Shape and Cut

Diamonds come in a diverse range of shapes, allowing you to choose one that brings your custom jewelry vision to life. The most common shapes are round, oval, pear, princess, and marquise, but several additional options are available for those who want to design a more distinctive piece.

Cut is another essential factor to consider when selecting your diamond. A well-cut diamond delivers the dazzling light you dream about and makes your piece look high-end.

Our diamonds are hand-selected by Zed Mervis for the highest quality and extraordinary sparkle. That means no matter which shape you choose, you can't go wrong!  


Diamond settings profoundly impact the visual appeal of your custom piece. If you're designing a ring, a solitaire setting allows the diamond to stand out without distractions. This option is ideal for those who appreciate simplicity and elegance.

If you prefer a more eccentric design, we have several options that let your imagination run wild. Mervis proudly works with the industry's top brands, like Verragio and Tacori, to accommodate your creativity and deliver a piece you can't find anywhere else.

Choose the Right Jeweler

Custom jewelry design is a skill that takes years of experience and experimentation to master. For that reason, choosing the right jeweler for your custom piece can make a world of difference when you get the final product.

The best designers employ creative artistry and scientific precision throughout the process. They present options you may not have previously considered and ensure your piece exceeds expectations. At Mervis, our experts guide you through the process and provide recommendations. We hope you'll get as much enjoyment out of designing your piece as you will wearing it! 

The Piece's Purpose

From engagements to anniversaries, custom jewelry pieces are an eternal reminder of life's happiest and most unforgettable moments. When designing your piece, consider styles that take you back to a time and place you'd like to remember forever.

Incorporating specific and intentional shapes, colors, and gemstones into custom jewelry tells a story. For example, rubies may evoke a dramatic sunset, while aquamarine or sapphires inspire visions of the sea.

Metal Choice

The diamond may be the star of the show, but the right metal brings everything together. With so many options, choosing the perfect complement to your gemstone can be challenging.

White gold, platinum, and yellow gold are the most popular choices, but these are only the beginning.

Finally, ask yourself if this will be an everyday piece, for special occasions only, or something in between. If you plan on wearing your custom piece regularly, factor the metal's durability into your decision. Some metals are significantly more damage-resistant than others, which is significant if you plan on wearing them often.

Gemstone Selection

Pairing gemstones with diamonds in custom jewelry design creates a captivating contrast and adds a personal touch to each piece. Gemstones' vibrant colors can help the diamond centerpiece stand out but add additional visual interest that serves as a worthy complement.

You want your custom piece to look great, but it should also have personal significance. Because when you choose the materials and design yourself, it's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a visual depiction of your heart, mind, and soul.

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