Are Diamond Tennis Bracelets Out Of Style?

Are Diamond Tennis Bracelets Out Of Style?

Diamond tennis bracelets are a staple piece of jewelry due to their elegance and sophistication and because of that, they never go out of style! In fact, they are not only worn by tennis players and are actually a fashionable piece of jewelry that celebrities choose to wear during their red carpet events. But what exactly makes this piece so special and can you actually afford one? 

What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet made out of strands of diamonds. While they used to be a lot thicker and flashier, the minimalist look has changed the tennis bracelet into a much more refined bracelet. The main goal of the tennis bracelet is to create sparkle and give a touch of glam to your outfit. 

Does it need to be worn alone?

Absolutely not! Tennis bracelets actually look beautiful when they are paired with another piece of jewelry. It actually doesn't even have to be paired with jewelry. They can be styled with anything you like and will only elevate the look no matter what it is. 

If you do prefer to wear it alone, you are still going to be wearing an elegant piece of jewelry that is stylish and classy and will never cease to elevate any outfit. 

How much are diamond tennis bracelets?

The price of a diamond tennis bracelet will depend on a variety of things. One of them is the type of metal that is used for the bracelet. Some bracelets are made out of gold, while others are made of silver. Obviously, a gold bracelet will be more expensive than a silver bracelet. 

Similarly, the number of carats of the diamond tennis bracelet will also affect the price. For example, you might be able to find a one-carat diamond tennis bracelet that is almost two thousand dollars, but a six-carat diamond tennis bracelet is going to be almost six thousand dollars. 

On top of the type of metal and the weight of the diamond, the shape of the diamond is also a contributing factor to the price. More common shapes are going to be less expensive while certain shapes that take longer to cut will be more expensive. 

Whatever diamond tennis bracelet you decide on, just know that you are buying a piece of jewelry that will elevate any look and will bring personality to any outfit. 

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