What Is the Best Backing for Diamond Earrings?

The last thing you want to happen after buying an expensive set of diamond earrings is for them to fall off during an evening out. This is something that can be easily prevented if you know what to look for in an earring backing. Contrary to popular belief, a secure backing does not mean having to sacrifice comfort. Let's look at several earring backings so you can choose the most appropriate one.

Push Back

push earring backAlso known as a butterfly due to its unique shape, this is one of the more popular earring backing types. It consists of a post that inserts into a metal piece behind the ear to hold in place the earring. However, it is known to not be as secure as other backings due to its looseness. French Clip French Clip BackAlso known as a clip post, this combines a typical post with a clip to securely hold the earring. While less likely to lose the earring than a regular push back, they are known to sometimes pinch the earlobe and over an extended time, can become uncomfortable. Lever Back Lever Earring BackThe lever back back uses a piece of metal resembling a fishhook that pushes through the ear. It is then secured to a lever from the the back of the earring. This is known to be a good choice for valuable diamond earrings, even those that are larger sized. Screw Back screw earring backThese backings use a post that works like a screw. The back is screwed onto ridges for a tight fit. While being one of the more secure types of earring backing, those with sensitive ears might wish to avoid these. The threaded post may not be as comfortable as other backings. Furthermore taking them off and on is known to be a bit more involving. Jumbo Friction Back Jumbo Friction Earring BackIf you have sensitive ears, jumbo friction backs make a better choice over screw backs. It consists of a small metal piece that gets pushed behind the earlobe onto the earring post, while being secured by friction. The larger size of these backings provides added weight, stability, and security. For even greater security, consider asking your jeweler to add a small plastic disc to the earring back. La Poussette La Poussette Earring BackKnown for its combination of comfort and security, the la poussette is a viable option that, unlike the friction back, will not loosen over time nor slide off if the earring is pulled. It's composed of a flat metal backing with a small clutch on each side. Both clutches need to be squeezed to release it (which can be done rather quickly), otherwise the earring remains securely in place. The post on the back of a la poussette earring has a groove towards the end of it that makes it very difficult for it to be pulled off unintentionally. Heavier earrings will also benefit from the la poussette since this backing prevents drooping by holding the earring close to the ear. As you might have guessed, this level of engineering does come with a price tag. Most jewelers reserve this type of backing for only their most valuable of earrings. We've looked at several options available for diamond earring backings, and as you can see, not all backings are equally secure or comfortable. With the investment you're going to make in a pair of diamond earrings, selecting the right backing will minimize the risk of loss while ensuring your earrings are a pleasure to wear.