Can I Wear My Engagement Ring to The Beach? Six Common Questions Answered

Beach Engagement Shoot Photo by Wilson Sánchez
Time to get those bathing suits, sandals, beach towels and sunglasses out because summer is officially coming our way! As you begin to think about the essentials needed to enjoy a beach day, you begin to wonder if it’s okay to bring along your diamond engagement ring as well. We have answered six questions that should help guide you during your beach day: 1. Will my ring be affected by the sand on the beach? Although exposing your engagement ring to sand is a risk, any solid metal should be okay. Metals that will be very affected by the sand are rhodium-plating, gold-plating and vermeil. In terms of the actual diamond, the sand will not affect it; however, there is a chance that some sand particles will get in between the diamond and the metal setting (which can be fixed with some professional cleaning or even a good home cleaning). 2. Can I swim in the ocean with my ring? Just like your fingers shrink when it’s cold outside, the same will happen when swimming in cold water, causing your engagement ring to fall off (trust me- finding a diamond ring in the ocean is impossible). Swimming in a cold pool will also cause your fingers to shrink, plus the chlorine will deteriorate the metal. 3. Will the salt in the ocean affect my ring? The salt found in oceans is corrosive to metals such as copper, more so than yellow gold. One metal that will definitely become affected because of the salt is rose-gold because of the copper found in it. So if you have a rose-gold engagement ring- take it off before swimming in the ocean! When Was The Last Time Your Ring Was Cleaned? Get your sparkle back with our free jewelry cleaning services! We also offer scratch removal and refurbishment for a small fee. 4. Should I take off my ring when using suntan lotion? Sun lotion will actually not have an effect on your jewelry because there is usually nothing corrosive in these types of lotions. 5. Are there certain foods I should avoid while wearing my ring? When choosing which snacks you should bring to the beach, try to avoid any sulfur-producing foods (garlic, olives, feta cheese). These types of foods will have a direct effect on anything containing silver- might actually turn black! 6. Can I just leave my engagement ring in a plastic bag for the day? A lot of people find a simple solution to wearing their engagement rings to the beach- place it in a plastic bag. However, leaving your ring in a plastic bag is actually not ideal. What happens is that all of the air cuts off, which will cause chemical reactions to occur, such as plastic mixing with the metal. This is why it is recommended to leave your diamond ring in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Well, there you have it, ladies. Before considering taking your ring to the beach, make sure you know what type of metal band you have because some will be more affected than others. In terms of the actual diamond- no harm will come to that because it's a harder material. Just make sure to definitely take it off when swimming in cold waters and when you do, store the ring in a ventilated area!