Can You Melt Diamonds?

Can You Melt Diamonds?

Diamonds have a wide array of uses, such as jewelry production, stone polishing, and other industrial purposes. Being one of the strongest substances, you may wonder whether it can be burned or melted. The criteria for burning or melting diamonds relies on altering chemical and physical properties. Additionally, some conditions determine whether you can melt diamonds, as articulated in this article.

How Can Diamonds Be Melted?

The formation of diamonds occurs in extreme conditions, which also reciprocates high temperatures with their burning and melting. Diamonds are designated to burn at about 900 degrees Celsius when there is adequate oxygen. However, melting diamonds requires a minimum of 4500 degrees Celsius at a pressure of 100,000 bar. Diamond requires oxygen to burn, which leads to the formation of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. It is a result of the carbon composition in diamonds, which reacts with oxygen. There will be no combustion in the absence of oxygen, but the high temperatures will convert the diamonds to graphite. The conversion happens because the high temperatures break the bonds, causing them to turn into a stable and favorable state.

How Strong Is A Diamond?

With a grade score of 10 on the Mohs scale, a diamond is the hardest substance in the world. The material toughness of diamond characterizes the resistance to scratch and the ability to scratch softer materials. But what gives diamonds strength? During diamonds' formation, a molecular structure made of carbon atoms linked together in a lattice structure is responsible for diamond strength. To be precise, a diamond is many times stronger than the second hardest substance (corundum), ranking at nine on the Mohs scale.


Despite diamonds being strong, it doesn't mean they are opposed to damage. They are impressively durable with no slight damage, but sometimes they chip, break, or melt under certain conditions. The strong bond makes them the hardest and one of the reasons they are used in the jewelry industry. At Mervis Diamond Importers, we have a wide variety of engagement and wedding rings to suit your taste. You can browse through our blog page to study and get tips when selecting diamonds. Contact us today for more information.