How To Care For Your Engagement Ring At Home

So you got the ring? Congratulations! Now that you have the ring, you want to make sure to keep it in good shape since you will be wearing it everyday for the rest of your life.We of course recommend bringing your Mervis engagement ring to any of our stores at anytime for a professional complementary cleaning. We will also check it for loose stones and provide in house repair if needed. This article will cover some simple tips and tricks to keeping your ring sparkling and beautiful in between visits to Mervis. 1. Soak it Soak your ring in a 50/50 mix of very warm water and and dish soap for 20-40 minutes. Dish soap is very mild and wont cause any change to the metal. We do not recommend using anything harsh or abrasive such as bleach, chlorine or powdered cleaners and these can weaken the metal of your ring. Dish soap is safe for both gold and platinum. Once the ring has soaked, use an old soft toothbrush and give it a gentle scrubbing making sure to get in between prongs with the bristles as if you would when brushing your teeth. This will ensure removal of any dirt stuck in between the prongs or any residue on your center diamond. Once you've scrubbed it thoroughly, Rinse your ring ( make sure you cover the drain!) and dry. This should bring the luster back to your engagement ring! 2. Minimize wear at home and while exercising As much as you love your engagement ring and wearing it, you want to make sure you don't cause any damage to it doing tasks around the house or exercising. We recommend taking your ring off when you come home and when doing any exercises that involve lifting weights. The strain from grabbing a heavy weight can cause the metal of your ring to warp making it into more of a sideways oval than a perfect circle that it was before. This warp can cause side stones to come loose and fall out. This can even happen when grabbing any heavy object like moving furniture. For this reason we recommend that your ring be the first thing you take off when you get home and the last thing to put on when you leave. 3. Insure your ring! When you purchase your ring, your sales associate here at Mervis Diamonds will give you an appraisal for insurance purposes. We recommend sending this appraisal over to your homeowners/renters insurance company and adding it into your policy. If your precious ring gets lost or stolen, this will ensure you are able to replace it. 4. Take advantage of designer warranty programs Some of our designers such as Tacori have amazing warranty and care programs in place to keep your ring looking its best all the time. Tacori has their Annual Spa Service which for no charge, will completely refurbish your ring. Tacori's jewelers will polish any scratches out of your ring, tighten all the diamonds, size (if needed) the ring and bring it back to its first day luster! They allow you to send in your ring once a year for this free service. All you need to do is drop into Mervis Diamonds and have one of our helpful associates take your ring in and ship it off. This takes about 2 weeks but we think its so worth it!