Diamond Necklaces: What to Wear?

diamond necklacesWhile diamond engagement rings tend to grab the spotlight, whether on the fingers of the Hollywood elite or looming large in the main showcase of the jewelry store, it's important to remember that there actually are other types of jewelry out there, and that they can easily exist separate from or in conjunction with your engagement ring. Today, we look at just a few of the ways diamond necklaces can accentuate your jewelry, your clothes, or your physique.

With Your Ring Unless you purchased a snazzy little 45.52-carat deep-blue diamond necklace known as the Hope Diamond, your engagement ring is likely the centerpiece of your jewelry collection. Accessorizing it is fairly straightforward, since you can use it as a starting point. If you went with the most popular cut for an engagement ring (round), then try to avoid the sharp, contrasting corners of princess-cut diamonds for your necklace. The straight, geometric lines of an emerald cut will also clash with the "crushed ice" fire of round cuts.

With Outfits You may have one or two killer outfits, your go-to garb for really special occasions. It might make sense to find diamond necklaces that go with these specific ensembles, for the total package (which has the added benefit of reducing the agony over what to wear). Or perhaps you have one or two showstopping diamond necklaces and are looking for the right dress to feature them. Just be sure to wear the dress to the jewelry store or the necklace to the dress shop, so you can be sure they complement each other perfectly.

With Your Neck Finally, it only makes sense to talk about different physiques when picking out the right necklace or types of necklaces. A simple chain pendant can accentuate a slender neckline, but be careful to note how it lies if the collarbones are prominent. If you're in any way self-conscious about your neck, some of the more extravagant necklace styles can draw the eye, while still emanating class and sophistication.

And one note for the guys: According to a recent survey, most American women expect a diamond engagement ring when you propose. But diamond necklaces fall into a different class altogether -- the "spontaneous gift" category. Necklaces can be a spur-of-the-moment purchase or a fantastic anniversary present, chosen to augment the wedding set. Just some food for thought.