How To Drop Hints And Get Your Dream Engagement Ring

proposal Your engagement ring is a ring you'll wear for the rest of your life – so you should like how it looks, right? We have many couples who come into the Mervis Diamond Importer stores in Tysons Corner, Virginia; Rockville, Maryland; and Washington, DC who pick the ring and style out together so that she is happy with the final product. However, there are still many couples who prefer to go with an element of surprise, and we hope this article helps make it a nice surprise! Mervis Diamond One way to drop major hints is to post your dream ring on Pinterest. It's pretty common for women to have a "Dream Wedding" board, even those who aren't in serious relationships. Weddings, with their beautiful décor, flowers, food, cake and invitations, are ground zero for Pinterest, and you should absolutely include a few pins of engagement rings you like on there. Get started by pinning some of the rings on our Pinterest page. We have over 1,000 different rings pinned which should provide ample inspiration for you and your love. Mervis Rings Comment on Instagrams of rings you like and tag your love, or your friends, in the comment. This is a bold move, so you're the best gauge of how he might react to such a tag, but people do it all the time on our Instagram account. And to the gentlemen reading this, when was the last time you read our Instagram comments? Maybe you'll find a familiar name commenting on the rings she likes the most... Mervis Diamond Importers Twitter Retweet the rings you like. We tweet rings often – scroll until you find one you love, and retweet it. The more mutual friends who see it, the more likely he'll be notified by one of them about the tweet and that means you'll be more likely to get it. Tell a sister or a close friend. If he is traditional enough to want to surprise you, he's probably traditional enough to go to your sister or close friend for ring ideas. Likewise, if your sister or close friend coyly asks you which rings you like, he may have already asked her for advice, and you better have some answers ready for his "spy!" When the day comes: If you've tried exhausted these options and he ends up popping the question with a ring you don't love as much as you love him (or her), give it a few weeks so it has the opportunity to grow on you. If it doesn't, there are many opportunities to upgrade your center stone or change out your setting. Changing the prongs from one shape center diamond to another is a simple process we can do for you which won't take long. Or, keep the center stone, but perhaps change out the band for one of our thousands of bands in stock that better fits your style. You could also trade in the ring for a new one altogether. It's really up to you, and we're happy to help. Browse our Engagement Rings