Engagement Ring Woes: What To Do When you Love the Man but Hate the Ring

Congratulations, you said yes! If the engagement ring isn't the ring you were hoping for, there are lots of things to think about when approaching your fiancee. Do you want to tell him but aren't sure how? Do you even tell him? According to JCK Online, 61% of brides said they would be fine with whatever ring their boyfriend selected. Although this number seems high, most husbands and boyfriends polled (75%) said they would want to know if their brides to be were not thrilled with their engagement ring. Obviously, your fiancee loves you and wants you to be thrilled with the ring. He spent a lot of time and money on picking out the perfect ring and while this effort counts for a lot, if you aren't thrilled with your ring you should say something. There are many ways you can work with your existing ring to modify it slightly and create the perfect ring, or even options to re-design a new ring all together. If your ring is a solitaire and you wanted more bling, you can always add a halo around the ring, or even add contrasting side stones. If you love the center stone but hate the setting, check out the store's return policy and see if they allow you to swap out the setting for a new version. If your bling is a little smaller than you had hoped for, you can always try to upgrade if it fits in the budget, or ask for a new ring on an anniversary. Also be sure to check out our money saving tips to make sure you got the most bling for your budget!