How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be?

How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be?

The average size of an engagement ring is between 1.25 and 2.00 carats. That doesn’t mean though that those are your only options when looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner. There really isn’t a set number though as many different parts of the world have different averages for what they think in regard to how many carats an engagement ring should be. 

Most women have dreamed about their engagement rings and their weddings since they were little girls. Some can even tell you the specific ring they want, from the cut and style to the color and clarity. And some women will even tell you how many carats they want their ring to be. Engagement rings vary in size and there is not a one size fit approach. Buying an engagement ring is truly a personal experience and you should base your decision solely on what you can afford and what your partner likes.

What Factors Determine The Size of an Engagement Ring?


Younger people tend to buy smaller-carat diamonds, mainly due to the fact that diamonds are expensive and they like to stick with something that looks nice but isn’t going to force them to go bankrupt. As they get older, though, they like to upgrade their rings for something a little bigger. Maybe they are more financially stable and they can now splurge on getting a bigger stone. 


Price is the main driving factor when people are buying engagement rings. Most people can’t afford to drop a significant amount of money on an engagement ring, which is why they opt for a carat size that is within a more affordable range. 

What Options Do You Have

Lab Created Diamonds

While most people find it easy to obsess about the carat size of their engagement rings, there are options to help you find one that your partner will love without breaking your budget. Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds that are much more affordable because they are created more efficiently and take less time and resources to create. For this reason, you can still find a diamond within the carat size that you want, and within the price range, you want. 


Many people find an appeal in purchasing vintage options in jewelry and it is no different for engagement rings. Purchasing a vintage ring may be more affordable and can allow you to get the carat size you want at a much more reasonable price. Not to mention, this ring will come with a history, which is appealing to many!

Where Can I Find Engagement Rings

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