How Much Is A 2 Carat Diamond Ring?

How Much Is A 2 Carat Diamond Ring?

Shopping for diamond rings is an exciting process! Looking at the beautiful stones sitting elegantly in classy settings is breathtaking but shopping for diamonds can be a pretty expensive process, especially if you are looking for a two-carat diamond ring. On average, two-carat diamonds can be anywhere between five thousand dollars and fifty thousand dollars. Some diamonds are even more! But what factors affect the price and how is the price determined? 

How are two-carat diamonds priced?

As with other diamonds, two-carat diamonds are priced depending on a variety of factors. A professional jeweler assesses the diamond and grades it based on the 4Cs of quality. The 4Cs take into consideration various features of the diamond including cut, color, clarity, and of course carat weight. Once everything is considered, a proper price can then be set for the diamond. 

Does diamond shape affect the diamond price?

The shape is definitely a determining factor when it comes to the price of a two-carat diamond. The round brilliant cut diamond tends to be more popular than other diamonds and it is the most expensive diamond cut. Not only is it a beautiful diamond that sparkles quite a bit because of the cut, but it is a classy and elegant look. The price is not determined by the high demand though. When round brilliant cuts are shaped, a lot of the actual diamond is wasted in the process. Because the diamond ends up being a lot smaller, the price is marked up to make up for losses due to the loss of material during cutting.

What to look for in 2-carat diamonds

Because they are large diamonds, it is easier to spot any imperfections that the stone might have. That is why it is important to really determine what features are important to you in a diamond. The cut is definitely an important factor and you will want a cut that has perfect angles, proportions, and of course facets that will enhance the sparkle.

Aside from the cut, you want to evaluate the clarity that you will want in your diamond. The large stone makes it easier to see inside the diamond and if you really want the quality to shine through, you'll want to avoid getting a diamond with any blemishes on it. 

Keep in mind that two-carat diamonds are already higher in price because they are much heavier than other diamonds, and if you are wanting a higher quality diamond that is colorless and has a quality cut, the price will definitely reflect that. 

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