How To Clean Diamond Rings With Windex

How To Clean Diamond Rings With Windex

It may come as a surprise that your diamond ring needs cleaning, but it is necessary to maintain its brilliance and sparkle. Provided you wear your ring, it will get dirty from contact with makeup, hairspray, and your lotion. A buildup of dust and soap could also make your diamond ring look dull.

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring With Windex

All-natural diamonds require care and maintenance to maintain their quality and sparkle. The recommended frequency for cleaning your diamond jewelry is at least once a week. While cleaning it yourself will go a long way in warding off buildup, you may have to take it to your jeweler annually for professional cleaning, especially if your ring has collected a lot of debris in unreachable areas.

Apart from oil and dust buildup, the other thing that can make your diamond ring dull is cleaners. Unfortunately, not every cleaner can be used. Abrasives and chlorine bleach, for instance, should never get into contact with diamond jewelry as they can damage it.

Windex is among the few cleaners that are not harsh on diamond jewelry.

Steps for Cleaning Your Diamond Ring with Windex:

  1. Get a small clean bowl and place your diamond ring inside.
  2. Spray Windex on the ring inside the bowl generously and allow it to sit for about one minute.
  3. Using a toothbrush, scrub the ring thoroughly, focusing on the surface and around where it is attached to the metal. Ensure that the brush you pick has soft bristles, as stiff bristles will create scratches on the ring settings.
  4. Rinse the ring, preferably in warm running water while still brushing it to ensure all the soap, dust, and oil is washed away.
  5. Using a lint-free soft cloth, dry the jewelry. To prevent the formation of water spots, ensure it is completely dry.

Final Thought

Because you wear it every day, your diamond ring requires some care. Regular cleaning is one of the ways to keep it sparkling. It is also vital to know when to take it off and find a convenient and safe place to store it. Contact Mervis Diamond Importers for expert tips on how to take care of your diamond ring.