How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band

Congratulations! Your partner said yes-now on to the next biggest step before actually tying the knot: finding the perfect wedding band. Like choosing an engagement ring, this too is a gift from the heart. You will be exchanging this band with the love of your life. This band will spend an eternity on your finger, marking your undying commitment to each other. Matching your engagement ring isn't as difficult as you would think. Many designers make intentional paired pieces that coordinate in design and diamond shape to make the matching process easier. If your ring did NOT come with a matching wedding band, or if you do not care for the exact match, picking the perfect band is easy at Mervis Diamonds. Our vast selection of diamonds and designers will surely wow you - but if we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we will create it especially for you. The most important things to decide when choosing the perfect wedding band are what is most important to you in your band? Do you want a band to:
  • Match your engagement ring
  • Match your partner's band
  • Fit flush against your engagement ring
Key elements to consider:
  • Match your band for design elements (stone size, engraving and carving details, etc)
  • Diamond details - if you have an engagement ring with diamonds halfway down the band, three quarters down the band or all the way, you will want your wedding band to mirror this
  • Match metals - different metals have different hardnesses and putting varying metals next to each other might damage one (or both) of your rings
  • Will you wear your ring by itself or only as a matched set
Want to know more about picking the perfect wedding band? Check out our FREE downloadable wedding band guide!