How to save money when buying a diamond

Next to a home or car, a diamond may be your most significant lifetime investment - and one where you want to invest smartly. Luckily, saving money doesn't have to mean compromising on the ring of her dreams. We're sharing our tips on where you can cut costs, as well as other options you may have never thought of such as lab grown diamonds. How We Pass on the Savings At Mervis, we are a diamond importer, which means we buy our diamonds direct from the diamond minds, cutting out the "middle man." We can offer rates far below those of our competitors, and offer the best quality diamonds at the best price. Compare to Find Savings Every stone is different. Compare stones side by side to pick the ones that speak to you and then see which money saving technique is best for you. For instance:
  • A halo to make the center stone appear larger
  • Going for a slightly lower clarity
  • Choosing a near-colorless instead of a colorless diamond.
Our certified diamond specialists can help you find options from our extensive, hand-selected stock. With their expert guidance and advice, you'll find the perfect diamond with minimal effort. Bring on the Bling With Halos Setting your diamond in a "halo" of smaller diamonds can enhance the center stone. With a halo setting, you can get the look and feel of a larger center stone at a fraction of the cost. This setting can also enhance the brilliance of a ring and enhancing it's sparkle factor! There are two different styles of halo settings; one where the halo circles flush against the center stone and the other, where there is a slight gap between the halo and center diamond. Bezel and channel settings are both popular styles for halo settings. Capitalize on Clarity Depending on the placement of any inclusions, the naked eye doesn't seem them until a clarity grade of SI2. You can maximize your investment by considering VS2-S1 diamonds. ...And Color The naked eye can barely tell the different between colorless (D-F) and nearly colorless ones (G-H). Selecting a G-H diamond can offer great savings. But don't skimp on Cut! While you can play around with Color and Clarity, it's important to not skimp on Cut. Cut is what gives a diamond it's brilliance and sparkle - that WOW factor you're looking for. Lab Grown Diamonds We recently introduced Lab Grown Diamonds as part of our inventory at all three of our DC area stores. With a lab grown diamonds, you can get the same size as you would a natural diamond for up to 30% less. Lab grown diamonds are indeed still real diamonds, the only difference being how they are formed. Check out our frequently asked questions about lab grown diamonds or book an appointment to compare lab grown with natural, side by side. This type of diamond may be the perfect option if you have your heart set on a more expensive setting. L'Amour Crisscut Another unique offering in our inventory are L'Amour diamonds, a patented cut by Christopher designs that makes the stone look up to 50% larger than traditional cuts. This type of cut is perfect for someone who wants the look of a much bigger diamond, for the same price as smaller diamond. 100% Lifetime Trade Up Policy Another way to save money in the long run is buying from a jeweler who has a trade in policy. At Mervis, we are pleased to offer one of the best in the Washington DC area. You can trade in your Mervis diamond anytime for 100% of what you paid to apply towards an upgrade. That's right - just pay the difference! Pro tip: this comes in handy for major anniversaries ;) And last but certainly not least, 100% financing is available for all purchases. Contact us today to fill out an application and learn more.