How to Make Your Engagement Ring Special and Unique

Mervis Diamond Engagement ring You are about to select the most important item you will ever purchase – an engagement ring for your love. You want it to be unique to her style and sweep her off her feet when you propose. Will there be moonlight and champagne? Or will there be jet skis and hamburgers? Whatever your plan is (and we’d love to hear it and see your photos ), it will be as unique as you two are as a couple. The engagement ring you choose can be a deeply individualized reflection of your love for your soon-to-be fiancée! It will be a purchase you’ll want to last forever. So why not select the engagement ring that reflects the special story of your love and can be passed down for generations. Here are five ways in which you can make your engagement ring special and unique:
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Select a Design as Unique as she is There are many classic designer collections from which you can choose unique engagement rings. What type of style does she have? Does she like modern art? Does she love Victorian era designs? You can find inspiration in her favorite type of art, architecture, or other styles and use that to narrow down your decision to a few collections. Then you can use those collections as a starting point to find the perfect engagement ring for her!
Create a Personal Engraving Engraving is a beautiful way to put a secret sentiment that only you two know. If you are looking for an engagement ring that you want to engrave, you will need to make sure the band is at least 2mm thick. Speak with your jewelry expert to make sure that the other elements on the ring will be accommodating to what engraving you want. Mix Stone Types and Colors Color can really make your engagement ring stand out. Sometimes a splash of color from rubies or emeralds is enough to make your ring really unique. Your love may have a favorite color, one that reminds them of something special, so why not add that to their engagement ring? Select a Higher Quality To make sure your engagement ring is special, you want to make sure that the diamonds and metals are of the highest quality. This makes it even more important that you choose your diamonds in person with an expert jeweler who can walk you through more than just the 4c’s of diamond quality. When buying online, you really risk getting a lesser quality diamond.

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Pick a Unique Metal There are many types of metals to choose from. Yellow gold and white gold are very popular. We prefer platinum because of qualities you can read about here.. And what about Rose gold? Rose gold is starting to be a new trend, so you shouldn’t overlook that as an option.
These are just a few ways to create a uniquely designed engagement ring. Whatever your choices are, make sure they reflect your love’s personal style to make your engagement ring more meaningful. As long as you keep your love’s interests at heart in all these design decisions, you will be very happy with the results! Early congrats on the engagement too!