Meet the Designer: Martin Flyer!

In 1921, Martin Flyer arrived in the US from Russia at only 14 years old. Twenty years later, after working as a jeweler and cultivating his expertise, he launched his own fine jewelry brand, called Designs by Martin Flyer. It was a point of pride that Flyer worked not only as the director of his business, but also as its head jeweler. He was also renowned for his works of charity throughout his lifetime. Flyer continued designing jewelry until he was 87 years old, though he remained involved in the company he built from the ground up until his death until 2001, when he was 94 years old. Today the brand honors Flyer's memory with pieces that celebrate its founder's exquisite taste and passion for gorgeous pieces, especially in bridal jewelry. Martin Flyer rings utilize Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds, meaning that only the most precious metals are used in design, and that every piece is artfully crafted by hand. Another special feature in this brand is the FlyerFit band, ensuring that rings fit perfectly and do not need to be resized.

Sometimes you see the right wedding band, and you know it is the Perfect expression of your love.

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