Mervis Diamond Loves Anniversaries!

Legend has it that the official beginnings of what we know as the wedding anniversary began in the Holy Roman Empire. The husband would gift his wife with a silver wreath crown to mark their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and a gold wreath for the 50th. This tradition reached central Europe, and, voila! Silver represented the 25th Anniversary, and gold the 50th. In today’s world, silver and gold wreaths aren’t typically used in Anniversary Celebrations. Anniversaries were normally celebrated at 5 year intervals. Then, in 1937, the Jewelers of America released a list with a gift for each year to help mark the occasion, or, possibly, help the husband with gift ideas. Today, we plan a celebratory dinner , trip, or a gift, often a special piece of jewelry that turns into an heirloom. Just as we help commemorate an engagement and wedding with your perfect rings, we enjoy sharing your anniversaries with you too. So much so that we try to call you personally during your Anniversary month to wish you well and keep in touch! The best part of the Anniversary call is catching up with our Mervis Family of customers. In the past few months, almost everyone has mentioned how much they still love their engagement or wedding rings. It’s a perfect time to remind them to bring those precious rings in for a complimentary, professional cleaning and inspection to ensure many more happy years of beautiful wear, without the heartbreak of missing stones. A special Anniversary gift, regardless of the year, is to give your diamond a completely new look by resetting the ring. Maybe you’ve always wanted a 3 stone ring, or would like to update your diamond with a halo or a rose gold setting. The possibilities are endless and we would be glad to help ! Or, just as your love and commitment grows, you can let your Mervis diamond grow over the years as well. Commemorate a special Anniversary by bringing your original Mervis diamond to us and selecting the gorgeous diamond you’ve always wanted in its place! You could choose a larger stone, or a completely different shaped stone, and you only pay the difference for the new diamond. Diamond stud earrings are a wonderful idea for a fabulous Anniversary gift that will add sparkle to her life every day of the year. These truly are the basis for every woman’s jewelry wardrobe—beautiful, yet practical, and work with anything from jeans to formal wear. You can start with a pair that fits your budget in the early years of your marriage, and let them grow over time. We have beautiful, matched diamond earrings hand-picked by Zed Mervis that will make any Anniversary memorable. Feel free to stop in any time and say hello. We would love to visit with you in person, and help you celebrate any of the “Special Days” in your life. Best wishes to you! jb-star-wedding-bands (1)