Monkey Thievery


Our 3 days in Cape Town were lovely, but we're ultimately here in South Africa for the wildlife, not city life. No matter how beautiful Cape Town is and how laid back and fun the people are, I was excited to move on to the next phase of our trip: The Safari.

Today we arrived at Bukabong lodge, from where our safari will begin tomorrow. Or, I should say, it was supposed to begin tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM. However, upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by a group of monkeys hanging around our rooms.

First, it was cute. We saw a mother feeding its child. Then someone noticed a larger male monkey with green testicles. We saw some monkeys eating with their little furry fingers and thought that was just adorable. They were ripping open sugar packets and pouring the sweet granules in their mouths! The monkeys just went into open residential lodges and stole our milk and sugar from the coffee stations.

The monkeys didn't go into every room though; Only two--Ronnie's and one other guest's. When Ronnie realized he had monkey intruders, he yelled at them to flee and they did move over a few yards to the side. Whether or not they left any droppings in his room is yet to be determined.