Perfect Proposal Ideas

Perfect proposal ideas can be hard to come by. And every new idea you see or hear about is one less original idea you can use. But don't worry: the perfect proposal could be just an inspiration away. Here are some helpful tips to get your creative juices flowing.
    • Don't Dwell on the Details. Rather than trying to perfect every single detail about "the big moment," focus instead on the general setting where a proposal might be the most effective. Would your beloved prefer you two be alone (candlelight dinner by the fireplace)? Or is a public demonstration of affection more what they're looking for (candlelight dinner in a restaurant)?
    • Where's the Ring? Choosing a diamond ring is sometimes far easier than giving a diamond ring. Some people, in order to up the surprise factor, think that hiding the ring is a good idea. If you're one of these people, take extra care when choosing a location. Inside a piece of food is generally a bad idea: best-case scenario, the ring is now dirty. Worst-case, there's a diamond engagement ring traveling down someone's digestive tract. Nothing about that ends well.
  • The Fake-Out. Even if the fact of your imminent proposal isn't much of a surprise, the actual moment still can be. A few "head-fakes" (the ideal situation but with no proposal) can help to increase your chances for a truly unexpected reveal during a supposedly non-ideal situation. Mix it up a bit. Just be sure not to do too many fake-outs - you want to keep them on their toes, not depress them.
When in doubt, just remember: it matters less how you propose, and far more that it comes from the heart. And if everything doesn't go exactly according to plan? You'll have a funny story to tell the grandchildren. Want to see how some Mervis couples proposed? Check out our Week One entries for the search for the Best Proposal! Do you have any suggestions for perfect proposal ideas? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.