Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamonds A princess cut diamond is meant to be perfectly square. That means the measurement of one side should equal the measurement of the next side over. If a princess diamond is not perfectly square, and becomes more rectangular, then it is known as a radiant cut diamond.

So then you might have the question: What about a radiant cut diamond that is actually square? (If we remember our logical laws of geometry, all squares are rectangles, and some rectangles are square, but not all rectangles are square. ) So then, if a radiant cut diamond is cut like a square, does it become a princess cut diamond? Well, no, and yes, and almost.

The only noticeable distinction between them is that the princess cut has sharp pointed corners, while the radiant cut has tapered corners. These cuts are two of the three main square cuts on the market, with the other one being the traditional “emerald cut.”

So, remember, if you're looking for a radiant cut diamond, be sure to check it out and make sure it's of a size and dimension that you like. All radiants are unique in their look. If you like the more square radiant diamonds, then consider a princess cut diamond.