Same-Sex Marriage: Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands For Everyone

Same sex marriage is now legal in 9 states, including the District of Columbia. Although Mervis was one of the first to preview a line of same sex wedding bands back in 2010, wedding bands and engagement rings for the gay community have been one of the hottest trends of the year. We are in the business of creating a lifetime of memories together, no matter what your preference is, which is why we are the number one choice in DC for engagement rings. With gay wedding bands, you can expect both traditional and unconventional trends to emerge. Couples wanting the basic solid gold or platinum wedding band can have that, but the couple who wants something more extravagant can also have that too. Wearing a wedding band is a timeless, iconic and powerful symbol that means a lot to members of the gay community. They have fought for years to gain the right to do this legally, so showing their commitment to the public is an amazing first step. Couples of both genders are also looking towards spouting their love with engagement rings. Women love bling, and often both members of a same sex couple will wear an engagement ring as a sign of their commitment. At the end of the day, gay, straight or any variation of the two, your wedding band and engagement ring is a personal selection. When you begin looking, finding something that speaks to both you and your partner is most important. Your rings can match or be contrasting-that is totally up to your and your partner. Not sure how to have similar bands without an exact match? Check out our wedding band guide here!