Solitaire Doesn't Mean Single Stone

A large percentage of engagement rings purchased at Mervis Diamond Importers are solitaires. Most of the time, they are from men who have no idea what their girlfriends want. They know her personality tends to go towards simple and classic lines, so they assume the best possible bet is a solitaire. Unfortunately, most of the time, the girl who wants 'classic and simple' wants exactly that-but wants simplistic and classic lines with refined detailing-NOT a plain solitaire. There are many ways to have a solitaire without it being a single stone on a totally plain band. While this is perfect for some, many want the single stone with pave stones down the band to accentuate the center stone and give the band a small amount of detail. Check out some fabulous ways to update the solitaire to make your ring still scream traditional, classy and simple-but in a refined, updated way.