Tacori Engagement Rings: The Need to Know

You've found your life partner-and now need to find the perfect ring to ask him or her to marry you. When looking for the perfect engagement ring, Tacori engagement rings are an excellent place to start. What to Know Beforehand Before you buy an engagement ring, you should know what to expect from a high quality jeweler. At Mervis Diamond Importers, the average engagement ring costs approximately $9,000. You are not only paying for a lifetime commitment to each other, but a lifetime of commitment to a quality ring from us. At Mervis, we stand by our products 100% and know that you will love your Tacori engagement ring for a lifetime. Why Choose Tacori Engagement Rings and Tacori Wedding Bands? Highest Quality Diamonds
      When you purchase a diamond engagement ring, the 4 c's are the best starting point. What color, cut, clarity and carat weight are you looking for? Tacori wedding bands and engagement rings are deliver amazing, high quality diamonds. Tacori only uses diamonds of VS quality and G color or better (the best of the best!)
No Two Tacori Rings Are the Same
      Tacori rings are ALL made 100% by hand. This means no two Tacori pieces will be exactly alike-each and every piece is made specifically to your specifications, for you. Choose your metal, choose your stone, size, and style to find the perfect ring that no one else will ever have. Then, enjoy knowing that the ring on your love's finger is 100% unique to her. Each ring is engraved by hand, at the Tacori headquarters in Hollywood, CA.
      Tacori engagement rings are all created with an exact match in a wedding band. When searching for the perfect engagement ring, keep in mind that your partner will want a matching wedding band (or two!).
Quality No Matter How You Look at It
      Tacori rings are designed to have 360 degrees of detailing and diamonds to make your ring spectacular from every angle. Look at a Tacori engagement ring from any angle and you will notice unique details and design elements on every face of the ring.
American Made
      After you have made your decision on the style of your engagement ring and Tacori wedding bands, the ring specifications are sent to Tacori's headquarters in Hollywood, California. It is here that they are handcrafted into a uniquely beautiful ring that is sure to make your fiancee fall in love all over again. When you buy Tacori, you buy American quality. All Tacori pieces are made, inspected and completed 100% in the Hollywood, CA headquarters. Over 40 members of the Tacori team will touch each and every ring before it is delivered to you to propose with.
Tacori rings are an investment for a lifetime, but deliver a quality and promise that stands above the rest. Hubspot