The Mervis Diamond Difference

Not everything that glitters is gold. Similarly, not every piece of jewelry is high-quality. While certain circumstances may allow for lesser-quality pieces, when it comes to your engagement ring and your wedding bands, you want pieces that will last not just for a lifetime, but for generations. Here are few things to look for when searching for high-quality jewelry.
    • Diamond Grading Diamonds are graded on the Four Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat.
      • Cut (not to be confused with shape) refers to the ratios of the facet angles, which affect the reflection and refraction of light.
      • Clarity ranges from "flawless (FL)" to "included (I1-I3, depending on the severity of the inclusion)".
      • Color is graded alphabetically from D to Z, with D being essentially colorless and Z tending towards a yellowish tint.
      • Carat is a straightforward measurement of weight (one carat equals 200 milligrams).
      The highest-quality diamonds will be flawless and colorless, and cut to specific ratios to allow the most brilliance and "fire" (white light split into bursts of color).
    • Craftsmanship Many rings can look good from a distance. But your engagement ring and wedding band should be of the highest quality, so that they'll sparkle and impress even under close scrutiny. And be honest — you'll spend a lot of time just staring at them, thinking about the one you love. The quality of the design and the intricacy of the craftsmanship should always delight you when you look at it. Any minor flaw or shoddy assembly will catch your eye over and over. Choosing designer engagement rings from designers with a proven reputation of high-quality jewelry will help to ensure that when you look at your ring, you'll see the same thing you see in your beloved — perfection.
  • Warranty If the designer of your ring isn't willing to back up their work with a lifetime warranty against defects and assembly, then you should find another designer. High-quality jewelry designers aren't afraid to put their money where their mouth is, and their reputations are often built on customer satisfaction. Which means they stand behind their rings, 100%, and if it happens that some aspect of the ring isn't up to your standards, they'll fix it.
Quality isn't about status or stature. Quality is about peace of mind. Quality is about trusting the design, the manufacturer, and the dedication of the designer to your happiness. And above all, quality is about knowing that the ring you choose will look great, feel right, and last a lifetime.