Tips for Selecting Channel Set Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is most likely the one piece of jewelry that you wear every day. This is the symbol that you and the one you love have a special bond. A wedding ring is a special circle that is unbroken by anyone else. The engagement ring was the first sign of love, but a wedding band is the compliment that shows you both will live happily ever after. When selecting a wedding band you have to consider personality, style and what you do every day. Channel set wedding rings are a wonderful way to incorporate style instead of simply choosing a plain band. With channel set wedding rings, diamonds flow in a channel around the band. The diamonds are safely set in the ring and are not separated by bits of metal. With this type of setting, you can create an intricate and smooth design.

For the Traditional Couple

A wedding ring for the traditional couple could be one that is gold, and it should come as no suprise that this is the color that many couples choose to go with. Here at Mervis Diamond Importers we have a wide variety of gold, channel set wedding bands to choose from. The Delicate Hand Delicate hands call for a delicate ring. Just as some women do not think that pearls should be worn by women who are under forty, a delicate hand may not be the right platform for a big ring. A delicate ring with grace and beauty is theTacori 41-1.5 Wedding Band, pictured here. The hand-engraved eternity crescent band is perfect for someone who works as a dental assistant or nurse and has to wear gloves all day because the ring is smooth to the touch without raised stones that can get snagged on things. The channel set ring is intricate, beautiful and smooth.

The Artist

Not all couples want the traditional band. Something striking and unique is what this bohemian couple should choose. Remember, just because you prefer to make a statement with something different does not mean you do not deserve diamonds. The Jeff Cooper Curved Wedding Band, pictured here, with channel set round and square diamonds could be perfect for you. The smooth curve in the channel set ring shows that you are up for anything and can roll with whatever comes your way. Show the world that your love, your life and your diamonds are unique. The Lucky One If you and your mate are a perfect match, your channel set wedding rings should reflect this. An engagement ring that is perfectly hugged by the band is like the bride and groom always hugging. No matter how far apart the two of you are, every time you look at your hand your ring will be a symbol of the warmth you share. The Tacori 2576 B Wedding Band , pictured here, is a countered band with pave and channel set diamonds. Diamonds Upon Diamonds Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So, why not have lots of them? Channel set wedding bands lend themselves well to stacking. Stackable rings are in style, now and always. The brilliant cut stackable ring will look brilliant on your hand. The Perfect Channel Set Wedding Rings Only you can pick the perfect rings. When you have picked the perfect partner, ring shopping is the fun part. Let your ring symbolize your love.