I Want To Propose But I Don't Know Her Ring Size. What Do I Do?

Gentlemen who come to browse the engagement rings in our locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia without knowing their love's ring size still walk out of Mervis Diamond Importers with rings. How can this be? Well, there is an easy solution to the question: What do I do if I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me and I don't know her ring size? It is a romantic gesture to pop the question to your love as a total surprise, and there is no easy way to find out what her ring size is. She might not know her own ring size even if you asked! You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes if they didn't fit right, and you would think that an engagement ring – an expensive piece that she'll wear forever – would be the same, and it's not always the case. 20100129-couple-getting-engaged-290x218 When you don't know her ring size, we suggest proposing with a ring you’ve chosen, and present it to her just the way it is. Most rings are sized between 6 and 7. Bring your fiancée in after you propose and our experienced staff will measure her finger. It usually takes just a couple of days to adjust the ring, though sometimes we may need to send it to the designer and this may require a few weeks. Mervis Diamond Engagement ring Now that that's out the way, make an appointment with us so you can pick out her ring. We're open seven days a week. Schedule Appointment