Does My Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Have To Match?

Once the proposal is over, it is now time to plan the wedding and find wedding bands. A lot of women question whether they should wear their engagement ring and wedding band together, or even if the wedding band needs to match the engagement ring. It is safe to say that if a bride chooses to wear her engagement ring with her wedding band, they should look like they belong together. For example, if you are wearing two different rings, one being yellow gold while the other being white gold, people will definitely see the difference. Well if you are worried about not finding the ‘perfect’ match to your engagement ring, try not to stress too much. A lot of designers actually make their engagement rings with a matching wedding band, making your band selection a lot easier. Not only are ring metal types something you need to consider, but also your engagement ring shape. It is accustomed that your wedding band sits below your engagement ring, especially since it will be the first of the two placed on your finger. It is important that if you choose to wear your engagement ring with your wedding band that you try it on so there isn’t a noticeable gap between the two rings. If you decide to pick a totally different metal type and ring shape than your engagement ring, why not think about wearing your engagement ring on your right hand versus the left? This way you can wear both rings, without having to worry if they match or not. Either way, make sure that you consult your diamond expert, as they will be able to give you the right idea of which wedding band matches your engagement ring perfectly.