What are the newest jewelry trends for 2015?

As we begin to end the first month of the year, we already are starting to see arising trends. Whether it be in fashion, music or even jewelry, something new is always becoming the new best thing. In jewelry news, there are a couple of new trends this upcoming year that are definitely going to be sticking around. Although there are many new trends, we have picked 5 of our favorite looks for this new year:
  1. Ear Climbers
ear climber earrings These earrings are definitely interesting to say the least. They come in all different kinds of styles and can be worn for any kind of occasion. With these kind of earrings though, it’s definitely recommended to try them in-store before purchasing them. Since women’s ears differ in shape, it sometimes can be hard to predict how they will look by simply looking online.
  1. Layering and Mixing
layering and mixing Mixing and layering were trends that began in 2014, but we're sure they will continue throughout 2015. Everyone now seems to personalize how they are mixing their jewelry, combining inexpensive and expensive pieces to create a unique style. This kind of trend definitely lets you express yourself while being fashionable at the same time.
  1. Wrapped/Coiled Jewelry
Snake necklace 2 If you watched the Golden Globes this year, then you must have noticed Naomi Watts’ coiled snake necklace. This kind of jewelry is one of the newest jewelry trends this year. The coiled snake look is mostly popular in rings and bracelets, however it is turning into a newer trend with necklaces. Either kind of jewelry you choose to wear- as long as it that coiled look- you’re good to go with this newest fashion trend.
  1. Double Sided Earrings
double sided earrings Celebrities from Rihanna to Emma Watson have been seen wearing these kind of earrings. They especially became popular when Portia de Rossi wore Dior pearls at the 2014 Academy Awards. Today, you can see the most interesting kinds of earrings that are double sided- some that even have an optical effect on the eyes! You can mismatch and wear different kinds of earrings on each ear, or you can try the elegant pearl look. Whichever you choose to use, everyone will definitely be noticing these.
  1. Two-Part Rings
two part rings 3 Although midi-rings didn’t quite make it into style in 2014, they seem to be coming back with a more unique look. Instead of one ring, you can now wear two that seemingly give off a more daring look; each having their own style- some including built-in chains!